• FAQs


    What is the relationship between Citizen Action Design and Project Change?

    Project Change is launched and managed by Citizen Action Design (CADL), a section 88-approved non-profit and apolitical research think-tank for the betterment of Hong Kong. Project Change is the major project under CADL. CADL specialises in youth, family and early childhood policy research.

    Is Project Change a government initiative?

    Project Change is an non-governmental initiative, financially independent from the government.

    Who is Project Change funded by?

    Since Project Change is financially independent from the government, we have been relying upon our charitable donors and grants for NGOs since our founding.

    Do you work with external partners?

    We are open to working with stakeholders and potential partners across different sectors. Please check out the “How You Can Help” section for details.

    How can I get involved in Project Change?

    Please check out the “How You Can Help” section for details.

    Can we interview youths supported by Project Change?

    Project Change frequently receives interview requests from members of the press and/or academic researchers. While we welcome efforts to raise awareness of our cause, our priority has always been to protect the preference, interest and identity of our young people. Please pardon us if we are unable to entertain your request. Please send your request(s) to info@projectchange.hk .


    What do Project Change’s services cover?

    Project Change assists arrested youths to overcome hardships and return to society through psychosocial counselling, legal support, and a comprehensive reintegration scheme. Please check out Our Work section for details.

    What is Project Change’s criteria for admission?

    Youths under 25 arrested during the 2019 protests and social unrest; and their loved ones with the consent of the youths and all relevant parties. Benefiting the youths is our priority.

    I (or someone I know) belong to your target group. Who should I contact?

    Please contact our team at (+852) 9689 1439.

    Does Project Change provide grants or stipends for arrested youths and their loved ones?

    Project Change does not provide living stipends.

    Does Project Change provide legal services?

    Project Change does not provide support in legal counsel services. Based on needs, we will recommend professionals who may provide legal advice or serve as legal representatives for participants and their families. These professionals are independent from Project Change and have no affiliations with our team.

    Does Project Change provide legal aid or subsidies?

    Project Change does not provide legal aid.

    Project Change is supporting a noble and socially relevant cause, but your case numbers remain a small fraction of the thousands who are not supported. What is Project Change’s long-term vision?

    Project Change adheres firmly to the belief that “every youth counts”. Yet owing to constraints in resources and capacity, we acknowledge the need to build a common platform for people from all walks of life to contribute to the well-being of our youths. As the African proverb goes: “It takes a village to raise a child”; Project Change aims to improve social acceptance and secure more policy support.