• The Challenge

    More than 10,000 citizens were arrested during the 2019 Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Bill Movement, that is roughly 1 in every 700. Youths are disproportionately impacted, with more than 6,500 of arrestees under the age of 25.


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    Arrested youths face hardships of disproportionate magnitude.

    They face criticism and social pressure from family, friends and the public. There is uncertainty and fear throughout the judicial process. Prosecution and conviction could cause long-lasting harm – including social stigma leading to exclusion by prospective employers and schools, ostracisation by their peers,which in turn can cause health problem.

    These harms pose a series of challenges for our society as a whole, including a potential brain drain, a community-wide mental health crisis, and increasingly burdensome social costs.

    Project Change firmly believes that reconciliation and support for our youths is a better way forward than vengeance. We take a holistic and youth-centred approach, focusing on the arrested youths' mental well-being and their reintegration into society for the benefit of society. 

    The youths could sign up voluntarily. Family members may also participate, with the consent of all relevant parties – including, of course, the youths. Enrolment in our services is free of charge. All expenses shall be covered by donations.


    We provide holistic psychosocial counselling services and family-centred therapy for our arrested youths and their loved ones.

    We provide legal support services that seek to ensure the arrested youths receive the most fitting and appropriate treatment from the judiciary system that comprehensively accounts for their unique backgrounds, experiences, and well-being considerations.

    We provide support in life planning and capacity-building, including: mentorship, employment, school referrals, volunteering, to reintegration into society.


    Project Change supports youths under the age of 25 when they were arrested and are either facing trial or have been convicted.

    If you would like to enroll in our program or
    wish to refer a case to us,
    please contact our hotline at

    (852) 9689 1439