• Our Story

    Project Change is an apolitical and non-profit initiative that seeks to support the more than 6,500 youths under 25 arrested during the 2019 Anti-Extradition Bill Movement and their loved ones in overcoming hardships.


    Founded in 2020 by economist Prof. Yun-wing Sung and social work professor Dr. Pauline Sung , the idea of launching an initiative to help arrested youths came to mind at a gathering, Sungs and their friends in academia. They shared their encounter with students arrested during the protests, and felt that support for the youths was inadequate.

    Appreciating that trust and credibility was key, the Sungs set out to launch Project Change via Citizen Action Design Limited, the think tank they founded. They then, went on to build a cross-disciplinary, professional team, with expertise in therapy, psychiatry, social work, mediation, and legal services.

    Project Change advocates an education- and therapy-driven approach, instead of an excessively punitive  one.We aim to reintegrate our youths into society through our holistic psychosocial counselling, legal support, and a comprehensive reintegration program. We have supported around 200 youths and their loved ones to date. Regardless of where you stand politically or ideologically, we believe that the well-being of our future generations ought to be our priority.


    Citizen Action Design Limited (CADL)

    is a non-profit policy research think tank established in Hong Kong. The think tank specialises in youth, family and early childhood investment policy research, and aims to provide a platform for aspiring young researchers to collaborate with well-established and experienced scholars in policy advocacy and research.

    CADL has four core functions with regard to Project Change:


    Our Vision

    Igniting hope for our youth is igniting hope for Hong Kong. We envision a Hong Kong where society and its youths reconcile and make peace.

    Our Mission

    Enable arrested youths to be able to see value in themselves, become contributing members of society, see hope in their future and continue to pursue excellence in life.

    We put the well-being of our youths, their families and loved ones at the forefront
    We value trust. Our services are strictly non-partisan and politically neutral, and we do not receive grants from the government.
    We offer comprehensive and professional services that cater to our youths’ needs, from pending trial to completion of sentence.
    We support our youths inclusively, regardless of their stance, circumstances or the the severity of their charges.

    Arrested youths face a myriad of challenges ranging from mental and physical health issues to disruption to life plans and social stigma. Without the right interventions, it will be our society as a whole that bears the cost…