• Partner With Us

    Project Change firmly believes that to ignite hope for our youth is to ignite hope for Hong Kong. It takes a village to raise a child, and to realise our vision would require cross-sector collaboration, as well as generous support from the community

    We need experiential learning and internship opportunities from corporates,  and NGOs and individuals to bring more possibilities to our youth. We are keen to explore all kind of partnership and donations. (Click the URL and learn more)


    Project Change is keen to work with corporate partners to provide real-world opportunities for the intellectual enrichment for our youths and to smoothen their reintegration into society.

    Please contact us if your company provides any of the following:
    – Financial sponsorships, in-kind support, or pro-bono services;
    – Internship placements or career opportunities for our youths;
    – Exposure activities and programs ranging from potential company visits, industry sharings, to training and mentorship opportunities.


    Project Change has in the past collaborated with NGOs and community groups in a complementary manner. We are flexible and seek to identify and co-create ways that best suit the youth.

    We are also constantly seeking partners that offer specialised capacity-building programmes and unique experiential activities for youths.