• Reintegration

    Provide professional support and kindness to youth who get released able to reintegrate with the society quicker and better. It can also mend the relationship between our youth and society that Reintegration Program kindness from society is the first step.

    Project Change’s Reintegration Program seeks to aid and facilitate that process. We believe investing in our younger generation is not only intrinsically good, but also benefits our community by building human capital for our future society.

    Above all, Project Change champions the goal of mending relationships between our youths and the larger society. To that end, acts of support can be regarded as goodwill of the community towards our youths who have gone through a difficult pathway.


    Arrested youths and juvenile offenders face a multitude of challenges throughout the different stages pertaining to the criminal justice cycle. Each stage presents unique hardships and warrants different kinds of support and professional services. The Reintegration Program is committed to helping our youths in all three stages to overcome the hardships and challenges they face.

    Pending Trial
    While Serving Sentence
    Upon Completion
    of Sentence
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    Pending Trial:

    • Youths will likely face difficulties in seeking employment or in completing academic studies.
    • Youths who are unable to finish studies or are terminated from work have an urgent need to seek employment. But their availability is constrained by the arrangements of their legal proceedings.
    • Due to the judicial process, arrested youth often faced challenges and constraints in seeking employment or continuing their academic route.

    While Serving Sentence:

    • Given the nature of social movement, we anticipate there to be strong demand for learning and personal growth opportunities from these youths while serving their sentence.
    • Without adequate guidance and advice, they may lose hope and motivation as a result of disruptions to their life plans.

    Upon completion of sentence:

    • Youths face obstacles in reintegrating into society, including termination of academic studies and unemployment as a result, stigma from employers and lack of social capital for employability.


    The Reintegration Program’s interventions come in various modes that will be tailored based on the youths’ needs and aspirations. Our interventions include:



    Educational and career pathway mapping, with activities such as CV and narrative writing, mock interviews, resumption of studies and professional licences, etc.



    Placing or referring the youth to relevant skill training opportunities based on their interests and aspirations.



    Individual counselling to prepare them for reintegration, and to help deal with psychological challenges arising from the youths’ studies or employment.



    Helping and coaching the youths to reflect on the past, appraise it and explore the possibilities of the future.



    Pairing up the youths with mentors to broaden their horizon, develop new social capital, and benefit from advice and guidance from industry experts and peer professionals as they turn a new page in life.

    EVENTS &


    Through participating in voluntary service with other youths, our youths shall be able to expand their social network and gain exposure to diverse perspectives.


    The Reintegration Program team and its partners have been actively engaging with employers and education institutes (including secondary schools, higher education institutions and beyond). We help our youths identify and secure the most suitable opportunities, with a view to enable them to continue to pursue excellence in life.

    Youths enrolled in the Reintegration Program and are considered career ready shall be given the opportunity to tap into our extensive network of employers for relevant internship or job opportunities, based on their aspirations and life plans.

    For youths who wish to pursue further studies, we will guide and support their applications. For those who seek to resume incomplete studies prior to serving sentence, we will also liaise with educational institutes on a case-by-case basis.

    Check out our success stories to learn more about how we support youths.


    Besides the six components, we shall also arrange a series of experiential activities designed to strengthen the emotional intelligence, sociability, self-confidence, leadership, and employability of our youth, with a view to help realise their inner potential, broaden their exposure and expand their social network.

    Project Change’s Reintegration Program

    is keen to explore partnerships and collaborations of various kinds, whether you are a corporate wishing to offer employment opportunities, or a student who wishes to volunteer or intern for us.

    If your organisation is currently supporting an arrested youth and would like to work with us, we are also open to working with you to see how we can assist and support.

    Find out more about how you can get involved or collaborate with us.