• 【A Story of Myself】The university student charged with riot

    James (pseudonym)  was arrested and prosecuted in 2019. Having lived under great fear and anxiety for over a year, he believed he was labelled as somebody ‘without a future’. He described, “It feels as if I am drowning and unable to breathe, with no clue how to react.” 

    Until he got in touch with Project Change; “It is like I was in a pitch-black room trying to figure out my way but had no idea where I was. Then I suddenly found the switch,” he said. 

    【From parents】Parents: “My son really changed after participating in the Project.”

    The arrested youth was only in his early 20s when he was arrested for assault. The long and dreaded process from prosecution to trial worried his parents tremendously as well. After seeking advice from a social worker, the son decided to reach out to Project Change. In the first nine months after arrest, the son had been rather hopeless and had prepared himself for prison. Nonetheless, with the help of Project Change and its legal team, he was sentenced with a ONE Bind over for disciplinary behaviour, giving him a second chance in life. His mother said in joy, “My son really changed after participating in the Project.”





    讓被捕年輕人重拾盼望 你我有責